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Dr Raghuram Rajan,
Reserve Bank of India,
Central Office,
Central Office Building,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, 
Hon’ble Sir,
Request for introduction of Web Portal pertaining to retirees of RBI.
At the outset, we welcome you as the new incumbent to the coveted assignment of Governor in the Premier Institution.
We greet you on your coronation to assume the charge of a crucial office at a critical juncture of Indian economic crisis. We hope that you would rise to the occasion to steer the country in general and employees of RBI, both serving and retired, in particular.
We, however, like to remind you of our humble request to our earlier Governor to set up a Web Portal exclusively for the retired employees of RBI.
Sir, despite being in the digital age of information, RBI -THE CENTRAL 
BANK of the country – has failed to introduce any portal for the retirees till date. If one happens to search Google, one finds that many government departments/ ministries have web portals fully dedicated to their retirees.

In this connection attention is invited to GOI portal where each and every GOI instruction/circular is prominently displayed and downloadable. We, therefore, request you to start without further delay a web portal on the lines of GOI with all the instructions/ procedures that concern the RBI retirees, available on the web site. 
Moreover, as per the GOI practice all the important circulars are endorsed to all the associations of the retirees. Accordingly, you are requested to note to endorse all future circulars to us at the address mentioned above or email the same to our forum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We hope your good self will not impose upon us the RTI act in the matter.
Please get the above suggestions examined, and request your good self to take a favorable decision.
Thanking you very much and with best regards,
Yours Sincerely
Kishore Chakraborty