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AIRBIOPF fully supports the United Forum in their struggle against the Government and the Bank.

In fact updation of Pension has become a joke in RBI.

Whenever the bank updates the pension as required under the RBI pension Regulations,the M/o finance asks the Bank to revert back- contrary to the recommendations made in para 153.31 of the 5th pay commission. The autonomous Bank faithfully and conveniently submits. And the retirees are made to suffer.

Strangely enough, the Government, like a despotic king, in these periods of globalisation, does not allow others to give a fraction of what it has large heartedly disbursed to its own Babus. It is more paying to be a government employee -money wise and work wise -than a bank employee. It is time to act in earnest against the M/o finance and the Bank , and consider all the remedies availabe for getting justice. We hope this time the United Forum will not allow the bank to keep the issues unresolved. Accepting empty assurances on the eve of the agitation from a helpless bank does not serve the cause.

In fact, the present Governor represented Central Govt. as a nominated director under sec 8(1) (d)of the RBI ACT and was the only one to oppose pension revision -says Economic Times -->> read more